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Bob & Susie

Investment Personalities

Meet the Smiths, currently bursting out of their three-bed terrace in Hackney. Bob's a 45 year old public relations consultant earning £70,000 a year, while Susie works in IT, earning around £45,000. Add in four-year-old Ines, 13 month old Cosmo and two large dogs and you can see why there's not much room for manoeuvre, either physically or financially.

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In this section, we include some of the articles from our partnerships with The Telegraph and The Week.

The impact of regional political instability on investment

Investors who seek new markets for their money often turn to regions that are less economically and socially developed, a tactic with both advantages and risks. Here’s how to navigate the rocky waters of political instability

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It’s important to start making plans for your retirement as early as possible. These articles look at pensions and all you need to know.

Economic commentaryy

Economic commentary... Japanese Economy

The Japanese economy is the third largest in the world, behind the US and China and future developments in Japan will be important to monitor from investors' perspective. In particular, any developments around quantitative easing have the potential to impact the stock market and currency. On top of this, it is important to keep up to speed with developments around Abenomics as it has the potential to improve the longer-term sustainability of economic growth.


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